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NERO Event Listing
January 25th-27th 2019
Location: Camp Niwana Jan 25-Jan 27
Pre-Reg Price: $40.00
Campaign: Nero Legends Walk-In Price: $30.00
weathering the storm
Location: Camp Eagle Pass Jan 25-Jan 27
Pre-Reg Price: $110.00
Campaign: Ravenholt Walk-In Price: $100.00
Event Info:
hey! the cabins are heated!
19-05-10 The Horned Lock
Location: Camp Cedarcrest May 10-May 12
Pre-Reg Price: $100.00  
Campaign: Wastes Walk-In Price: $115.00
Event Info:
With key in hand now find the Lock of Horns.
19-10-27 Beyond the Veil
Location: Camp Cedarcrest Oct 25-Oct 27
Pre-Reg Price: $100.00  
Campaign: Kaurath Walk-In Price: $115.00
Event Info:
Winds whip past the tavern. The veil wears thing. The Guardian stalks the border lest those beyond escape.

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