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NERO LARP Live Action Role Playing, Since 1986

Welcome to NERO LARP! We are the premier Live Action Role Playing (LARP) organization in North America - Since 1986. In Live Action Role-playing, you become the character of your fantasies, and, acting out the action, solve the mystery's and defeat adversaries with wit, intelligence, and/or sword & sorcery. At NERO events, you use skills that your character has earned, as well as the skills that you as the player bring to the game. Much like King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, SuperNatural, Twilight, Blood Lines, and Renaissance Fairs, except you're the HERO (or the Villain).

Your imagination has found a home!

The NERO LARP Organization has 50+ NERO LARP Chapters using One Set of LARP Game Rules in One Game World with Unrestricted Transference of Characters, Treasure & Possessions.

How do you start?
Step 1: Download the NERO LARP Rule Book.
Step 2: Sign up for a NERO LARP Account (90 Day FREE membership is included).
Step 3: Create your own NERO LARP Character.
Step 4: Look for a NERO LARP Event to Attend.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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