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NERO Event Listing
2020 Jan. Adventure Day
Location: Trinity Mountain Ranch Jan 26-Jan 26
Pre-Reg Price: $15.00
Campaign: Galerus Walk-In Price: $15.00
Event Info:
You're received a distress call from the city of Arctusalaya. "The wards are down and need help acquiring the powercores to reactivate them. About a day from the pole, the city is under siege." Will you answer the call?
2020 Feb. Event
Location: Trinity Mountain Ranch Feb 21-Feb 23
Pre-Reg Price: $50.00
Campaign: Galerus Walk-In Price: $50.00
Event Info:
Galerus is a Greco-Roman fantasy campaign taking place in the Empire of Galerus. Filled with legionnaires, senators, gladiators, magic, and adventure galore, it's always an exciting place to stop by. The Galerusian Empire prides itself on impressive feats of engineering, art, and magical study, and many residents consider it to be the true epitome of culture and class, where your next adventure awaits...
Nero:Oblivion, Season Opener
Location: Camp Niwana Feb 28-Mar 01
Pre-Reg Price: $35.00
Campaign: Tyran Walk-In Price: $40.00
A New Beginning
South Carolina
Location: Kings Mountain State Park (Camp York) Jun 05-Jun 07
Campaign: Greyhelm

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