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[National] (New) Membership Renewals & Birthdays
By: Michael MarzilliWednesday Apr 23, 2014 - 02:23 PM

Members are now able to purchase Membership and Build for other members in the NERO Store.  This new feature went live this week (Apr 21, 2014).

Also as a reminder, if you have recently renewed your NERO membership, or celebrated your birthday, stop by the Goblin Point Exchange.  You just may have a surprise or two waiting there for you.

[National] After Event Surveys
By: Michael MarzilliFriday Mar 14, 2014 - 12:37 PM

After Event Surveys have been added to the web site.  For each Event that you PC or NPC, you are able to fill out a quick 11 question after event survey to help the staff.  As a reward for filling out an after event survey, the character that you earned event blankets with for that event will receive an additional 1/4 blanket of XP.

Look for the "Fill Out Event Survey" link in the side menu bar.

Additionally, please take a moment to answer the Web Site Survey, located at the bottom of the right hand column of this page. Your answer is appreciated.

[National] Planned Outage (Feb 19 - 8:30pm EST) - COMPLETE
By: Michael MarzilliWednesday Feb 19, 2014 - 08:17 PM

Many good updates that have been in the pipeline for the past couple of weeks.
  • Updated several tables in the database to prepare for expansion of the web site to NERO Affiliates.
  • Resolved bug with membership renewals, where members renewing on or after their renewal date were unable to turn in the Membership Reward in the Goblin Point Exchange.
  • Improved the Character Editor functionality (mostly some small bugs).
  • Added Free XP to the Character Editor page.
  • Improved the layout of the Character Card.  Moved the Formal Magics and Magic Items below the Skill list.
  • Added Free XP to the page layout.
  • Added clarification about magic items listed on the character card (they are non-transferable and indestructible).
  • Modified the Goblin Points to Silver conversion in the Goblin Point Exchange.  This is now Per Character, not Per Member. (ie you can give each of your characters up to 100 silver pieces per month using goblin points).
  • You can now link to the Event Pre-Registration page without going through this web site.  This will allow other web sites to link directly to the National Pre-Reg page. You can now link to http://www.nerolarponline.com/NEROpreReg.aspx directly to register for any upcoming event as a player or an NPC.
  • Improved many of the user controls.
  • Fixed several minor bugs.

If you are having problems in the Character Editor, hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard, and click the RELOAD (or REFRESH) button on your browser. This will refresh the libraries.

[National] Planned Outage (Jan 22 - afternoon EDT) - COMPLETE
By: Michael MarzilliWednesday Jan 22, 2014 - 12:18 PM

The NERO Mass (Ravenholt) Chapter has had its members and characters imported from the NERO Mass database into this web site.  As a reminder, any NERO Mass (Ravenholt) players that previously had a nerolarponline.com member account and characters will not be affected; if you had an account and characters on the web site before the import, they will not be overwritten. This import only affects members and characters that 1) were not in the nerodb.com website/database and 2) have not yet created accounts and/or characters on nerolarponline.com.

Characters imported from the NERO Mass database have been normalized to meet the current 9th Edition Ruleset.  As such, racial skills were not converted.  Additionally, since this web site uses a different means of handling craftsman skills, craftsman skills were not imported.  Your characters will have the build points refunded, so you can re-purchase these skills.

In some rare cases (due to how certain skills were written in the NERO Mass database), players may see that their skills do not comply with NERO rules (such as having 4 Critical Slays, but only one proficiency).  Please check your characters to make sure they conform to the rules (in the example, refund the critical slays, then purchase 7 more proficiencies, then re-purchase the critical slays...you will have the build points to do so).

The NERO Mass (Ravenholt) team will see to distributing the account log in information to its player base. If you have any questions regarding your new member account, imported character(s) or log in information, please feel free to contact the Miles Kanode via email, or on Facebook.

[National] New Year's Update - Craftsman Skill (and more)
By: Michael MarzilliWednesday Jan 08, 2014 - 07:19 PM

First off, happy new year everyone. I hope the coming year bring happiness and prosperity to all.

Next, the Craftsman skill in the Character Editor has been re-worked and debugged. Before this weekend, players creating a customized craftsman skill were losing all craftsman skills, plus the ability to buy more craftsman skills. Through some changes in the code, and in the database, this problem has been alleviated.

Unfortunately, due to problems caused by the old Craftsman code, the craftsman data had to be reset (otherwise, very strange skill problems were appearing).  Build points used to purchase Craftsman Other skills before Jan 8 have been refunded, so you are able to re-purchase your craftsman skills, and have them saved properly.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

And finally, this month I should have the NERO Mass characters ready for import. That means that players that don't already have their characters imported into this web site from nerodb.com will have their characters imported directly from the NERO Mass database.

As always, if there are any problems or questions with the database or the web site, please feel free to ask.

[National] The NERO Store
By: Michael MarzilliMonday Nov 18, 2013 - 06:25 PM

We are happy to announce that the NERO Online Store is now up and running on this web site. This store allows you to use your PayPal account to renew your membership online, and buy build for your character(s).  Once the transaction is approved, your account is instantly updated; no need for manual processing by NERO customer service.

Additionally, this functionality is also available to ALL NERO Chapters. Chapter owners have the option of enabling their chapter to accept payments for event registrations run through this web site. Payments are processed directly to the chapter's PayPal account; it does not go through NERO National. Members registering for upcoming events can pay online, the payment goes directly to the chapter, and their registration is marked as "Paid in Full". Of course, members will still maintain the ability to register for an event and paying later through the mail or on site.

Chapter owners that enable PayPal on their chapter will also be able to receive donations directly through the site.

Please stop by the NERO Store in the left side menu and take a look.

[National] Planned Outage (Nov 05 - 8:00pm EST) - COMPLETE
By: Michael MarzilliTuesday Nov 05, 2013 - 06:41 PM

Members are now able to use Goblin Points to purchase Formal Magic Scrolls (1 per Event), Formal Components (up to 5 STR 1 per Event), Cantrip Pages (up to 5 per Event) and Production Items (up to 5 items per Event) using the Goblin Point Exchange.  After your purchase is made, the logistics team will be able to see your order in the Event Logistics page, and can print up the appropriate tags for when you arrive at the event.

Chapter logistics/administrators now have the ability to add and remove spirit linked/locked items to a character.  This function is an expansion of the Goblin Point Exchange Magic Item Builder, except admins can create items for members without goblin point limitations.  They can also remove magic items.  This functionality will handle only spirit linked/locked items, which will be printed on character cards.

And finally, as a reminder, please submit a photo taken at a NERO event for our opening page. (See Details Below)

[National] The Call goes Out
By: Michael MarzilliMonday Nov 04, 2013 - 10:11 AM

After several comments about the CGI image on the front page of the site, we're putting out the call out to NERO players asking for photos taken at NERO events, of NERO characters as replacements for our opening page. We ask that you get consent from all people in the photo before submitting.

Please send an email with the photo(s) attached to rowell@nerolarponline.com.

Thank you!

[National] Planned Outage (Oct 31 - 8:00pm EDT) - COMPLETE
By: Michael MarzilliThursday Oct 31, 2013 - 06:07 PM

Tonight's updates include a re-working of the Event Logistics page, to make viewing and editing the data easier and less cramped.  Two new functions are also added, allowing logistics personnel to update formal magics on characters that attended the event (either adding or removing formal magic effects), as well as updating Plot Notes about characters...all on the same page.

Also for chapter administrators and logistics personnel, an updated Batch Goblin Point Distribution page has been added to the site, which allows you to distribute Goblin Points to several members at once, quickly and easily, without having to navigate through the Member Editor for each update.

And lastly, chapter administrators can now add Teaser Text to their events, describing the theme of the event.

Happy Halloween!

[National] Auto Goblin Blankets
By: Michael MarzilliThursday Oct 31, 2013 - 07:30 AM

Did you receive an Auto Goblin Blanket for your character this week? If not, that could be due to one of the following three reasons:

  1. There was a small bug in updating the code a few weeks ago that allowed members to buy up to an extra 3 goblin blankets. If a member purchased extra blankets, they won't be eligible for auto goblin blankets for the next number of weeks coinciding with the number of extra blankets that they bought. Right now, you should have a maximum of 18 goblin blankets, purchased automatically or manually, per character. If you have more than 18 goblin blankets for a character, you will miss the next auto blanket cycles until the max number of weeks catches up with the total number of blankets you purchased.
  2. Do you have enough goblin points (50) to purchase a goblin blanket? Is Auto Goblin Blanket turned on for your character?
  3. I've tried to break up the auto goblin blankets over a couple days...just to minimize the slow periods on the server. If you're not covered by #1 or #2 in this list, and haven't received the auto-blanket by Friday evening, please let me know.

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